Mid-Century Modern Shelves

Last weekend I finished my first piece of furniture.

With inspiration to improve my woodworking from @Stevemopolis, and the ever-encouraging @Hekseskudd, I crossed the finish line and I am so very proud. Thank you to both of you, I don’t think you realize just how powerful of an influence each of you has been.

I look forward to more functional pieces to come and hope to do you proud.

Mid-century modern shelf - Album on Imgur

Most of the work was done with makeshift work holding and hand tools. In the process, I made mortise and tenons, learned to taper a long board with a hand plane, got pretty decent at rounding custom matching round overs on my hand plane, a lot of card scraper practice, a little bit of spokeshave use, and a ton of sanding.

They are made of black walnut and finished with two coats of Danish Oil.


This was gorgeous Mike! Well done!


Looks awesome.
If you like mid-century modern you should take a look at this YouTube channel:


Someone at work wanted to make these, so I’ve built up a digital model (I had designed this on paper).

I’m going to use the ‘drawings’ feature in f360 for the first time to make up some plans retroactively.


… and here’s the drawings. Not perfect drawings, but they should get anyone past the ‘how is this assembled’ phase if they want to make their own. Posting here in case this finds anyone’s interest years from now.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing those.