[MFV2019 Sept 14] Volunteers needed for Maker Faire 2019

This year, Maker Faire is a one day event taking place at Science World on Saturday, September 14th
Like previous years, we will be needing lots of volunteers for this year’s Maker Faire
We will have two booth like before. One will be an info booth, the other will be learn to solder blinky badges booth.

Ty is responsible for the info booth
I (Mimi) will be responsible for the soldering station.
please get in touch with us if you are interested in helping out either with outreach, or teaching people how to solder

also check out the #vanmakerfaire2019 channel on Slack


Want to volunteer? Sign up here!


signed up


Everyone, please keep in mind we only have a limited number of maker crew quota this year of 12, and that is shared between Friday’s set up and Saturday’s operation. would really appreciate it if you could commit to both.
We also need to submit the list of names to Maker Faire by the 6th of September. Please sign up with us no later than the 5th of September.


Just bumping this. Makerfaire is awesome and as part of VHS crew you get in for FREE! So when the booth isn’t busy you can pop off and check out all the cool exhibits and other makers. I’'ve done it in the past for several years and it’s a really great experience. Last time I was at the faire I taught a 6 year old girl how to solder. She loved it and that was a real highlight for me – passing on the awesomeness of making.


We need to submit the list of crew to Maker Fair by the 6th. If you want to help out at Maker Faire, please get your forms in.

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