Metal Shop Training


I recently joined VHS and am looking to get trained up on the Mig and Tig welders and the general metal shop area. I am already a member at Fab Lab but they don’t have metal tools. I got a tour of the space a few weeks ago and it looks great! Let me know if this is the right place to be posting a training request.



Hi Adam,
@Metal_Janet is trainer for the mig and Tig, she’s a bit busy this weekend with culture crawl but I’m sure she’ll contact you soon to figure out a time that works.
Welcome to the space!


Hi Adam!

Yes, I can get you trained up on the welders, DM me and we can set up a time. You’ll have to ask in the #machine-shop channel on Slack for training over there. Bear in mind that if you don’t get training within one month of requesting it, you are encouraged to bring it up with the Board of Directors, because accessibility of training is a fundamental part of VHS’s mission.