Metal Shop Bandsaw Purge

The metal shop committee has decided to get rid of the green metal bandsaw. Its frame is too warped to be used in for welding, and thanks to the new Machine Shop bandsaw @Billiam has lent to the space, it is finally time to pull the trigger on this. This tool belongs to the hackspace, so we are thinking of going with the following process:

  • If another department within the hackspace wants the bandsaw, this will get top priority. You can hold it whenever you want in the hackspace, but it cannot be held in the welding shop or the DMC.
  • Failing that, if a member wants to purchase the bandsaw, they can make a bid for it in this thread right now. Know that it is out of parallel 1/4" off in a 3" cut.
  • Failing that, if no one wants it in 3 days, I will make a Craigslist post, donating the money to the hackspace.
  • If it doesn’t sell, the band saw will be sold for scrap metal.

If there are any comments, queries, questions, or concerns, please raise them in this thread. Thank you very much!


sounds like a great plan

For clarity’s sake, is this Ye Olde Horizontal Bandsaw that is being discussed?

Yes, the green one here.

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Just a note about the craigslist thing; I’ve been watching it for bandsaws for the past two years, and with these models, unless they’re in very good working condition people can barely even give them away. This thing has a warped frame, is at the end of its adjustment, and you get a straighter and faster cut out of a sawzall with a demolition blade on it. It is worth its scrap value. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, I’d recommend skipping the middle man.


all good, we will give it a chance.

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Ok Craigslist for the metal bandsawis being created. Looking at craiglist listings, there are similar items being sold for around 200. I will list for 100 for a quick sale. This listing will be on for 5 days or until when I remember and if it does not sale, the bandsaw will be taken to metal recycling.

Listing is here.

Out of curiosity, what would be the scrap value?

probibly like $20 worth of metal on it. at that point we will just give it away.

ehhh. keep the motor and the pulley assembly. Those are always handy.

Did you test to confirm that it was able to cut through a 3" piece of material?

nope. that is just a measure of how off center it is. I guess i will drop in and cut something tomorrow morning

Cool. Because the biggest problem with a band-saw that can’t be properly tightened is how much it goes off track vertically, as the cut progresses, and the reason why I feel that it’s time to get rid of that thing is because it’s a challenge to get through a 1" cut before it pulls the blade off the wheel.

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cool, i got someone interested, I will inform him of that when he comes by and it is sold as is obviously.


The Bandsaw has been sold for $100, money have been donated to the hackspace.