Metal Rolling Cart - what to do?


So, this cart came with the new space:

Its huge and couch sized, like 8’ long. Unwieldy, as its centre pivot, rocking on the middle wheels so as you steer both ends swing out, and frankly its kinda in the way.

Its the landlords, so we will need permission to do anything with it but what permission are we seeking.
Options are:

  • Keep it as is. But where would we store it?
  • Cut it down to a more manageable length and keep it in the space. As shown in the photo. I see value in having a push cart at the space for rolling things around and loading things into cars, and we could build a handle for it easy enough.
  • Get rid of it entirely, its in the way.
  • Modify it and mount the welding table on top of it so we can wheel the welding table around as needed. The donated welding table that BIll brought in is awesome but takes about 4 people to move. It needs some heavy casters.

I like polls:

  • Keep as is
  • Toss it to the curb
  • Modify it to be shorter
  • Convert it into a welding table base

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