Metal Casting at VHS

Hello, I was asked to make a quick post about a recent project.

Last Friday, with the help of Metal Janet, we we able to successfully use the induction forge to do a small sand cast.

Some background.
My brother has been bugging me about making him a bronze sword in the Arslantepe style. Arslantepe is an archaeological site in Turkey, also known as Melid, and is where some of the oldest bronze age swords have been found.
More info on the Archaeological site can be found here: Melid - Wikipedia
Here are some of the swords found at the site:

Using this picture and fusion 360 I created a 3d printed model that I could use for sand casting (at a much smaller scale than the real things).

From here I ordered some Bronze (not brass, brass has Zinc and is not good to melt in enclosed spaces) and some petrobond casting sand. I made a small mould box and poring tool from scrap in the wood and welding shops. Once everything had arrived and Janet was helping with safety and consulting we were ready.

To make the sand casting mould follow the instructions on youtube. This post will be way to long and boring to write it all out. This guy seems to know what he’s doing

This is what it looks like once the mould has been opened:

After a bit of filing and shaping:

A bit more sanding later:

After final polishing and a box made from teak wood and leather (I apologize for the bad joke, this is for my brother):


That is so cool.

Is that a Zelda thing too?

Well done guys

Oddly enough the “Triforce” symbol doesn’t really have a connection to Zelda in this case. The symbol was found on the excavated swords at Arslantepe in the 1980s. The first Zelda game came out in 1986 and according to Wikipedia the Triforce symbol came from medieval japan.


Time travel

What a great result. The gears are definitely turning on all the things that can be done with this process.

Congratulations! Can be used on the set of Game of Thrones.