Mess room cleanup! Come grab your stuff before we throw it out Nov 23

Hey everyone! I’ve been tasked to do cleanup of the mess room and show it a bit of love as a part of the mess room committee. We’ll be sharing more rules as time goes, but we wanted to give people a chance to grab their stuff before we do a culling, as well as asking for the proper places for things to go or if things belong to anyone.

Currently, the mess room is a bit out of commission, as the cabinet has been emptied to see if anyone wants what is currently stored in there (pictures below), or if you know of the proper way to dispose of it (or know when/if it expires), let us know as well. These items are free to take if you wish. They are on the main table and are unlabeled and otherwise will be tossed.

The stuff on the main spray area is all labeled and belonging to people, and we ask that you pick it up before November 23rd to avoid it being thrown out. People with stuff listed below


I do apologize if I’ve tagged anyone wrong

There are also items that have no name and will toss or move to appropriate places if not claimed

Also a little before and after of 6 hours of work


The paint tins labeled “Steve” and the ones labeled “Roy” aren’t mine

I’m willing to donate or dispose of my cans of black spray paint.

The spray can of garage door lubricant should be kept for VHS use; it’s for lubricating the sliding doors in the woodshop.

The motor on the top shelf is for the exhaust fan system and should be left assembled as is. The belt and pulleys are not guarded so make sure the fan is turned off before you get near it.

Thanks for working to clear these out; a lot of these are pretty high-energy fuels. If we don’t want VHS to burn down, we probably need to keep this stowage to a smaller set in the future.


I have a can of spray varnish there with my name (DaveM) on it. I am currently out of the country and will need another week or so to pick it up. Please don’t throw it out as it’s new and almost full. Thanks!

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I don’t know if I’ve found it… What brand was it/the colour/ any identifying details you can give me?

I believe it is/was Varathane outdoor semi gloss or satin. Maybe I already brought it home or it already walked away. I’m back now so will take a look around home and next time I’m at the space.

ah, crap, I’d been meaning to come down and grab my stuff, didn’t make it down yet today. I think all of mine is labelled… has the purge happened?

purge did happen but most of your stuff which is pretty common solvents so we kept most of it.

awesome, thanks!

Tha ks for taking that on… You are a hero against the chaos !!