Member Storage Update: 1/3 of totes sold


Hi all,

An update on the Member Storage situation:

We’ve already sold more than a third of the 40 totes we purchased for VHS.

As per the Member Storage rules ( we are phasing out the lockers in a few weeks to be replaced by totes.

Totes will be the only storage for members at VHS.

I am trying to reserve totes for members who already have lockers, but they are going fast.

Once the lockers are cleaned out, we can start working on the racking that will hold the totes.

Please contact me soon if you want one, or make other arrangements to acquire the same form factor. Totes are just $20, and can be re-sold to VHS.



Is there a way to use 1/3 or 1/2 tote.

I doubt I will have enough for a tote. And me getting a full tote is kind a waste of space.


Hi Andrew, I can only make it in on Sunday before 4. How can I buy a Tote?
I am rarely home and can not get to this site from work but I can be reached via email.

Thank you


Hi Greg,


Sorry, that got cut off.

You can buy them by leaving $20 cash in the dropbox with my name, or by electronic funds transfer to

Totes are already in the space, so grab one and make sure to label it with your name.