Member Project Parking - Overstayed Items


Hey everyone. There are two shelves for member project parking that 90% of the items have vastly overextended their 30 day stay. I am concerned about this as it’s impossible to leave projects overnight to glue and being it’s convention season that’s a lot of glue work and large objects mean tripping and falling hazards. We can’t leave projects in places like the craft table to glue for 48 hours as that impedes others that need space to MAKE things. So basically I’m writing all this as asking what to do? If I see anything here that is older than June do I just start throwing it out Tuesday?


Here’s a series of photos that illustrate the situation:

March 23


April 9

June 25

The plastic injection molder project is completed. I believe the garbage bags of plastic, the camp stove, and the metal mold were related to this. Since they are not in use, they should be reclaimed or taken home.

@SeanPo , @msearracanada , @Rebel_without_Clause, @Majicj , @faja66, @lukeo, @Rob_MacKenzie are folks that I know of who were affiliated with the project. Please confirm ownership of the materials mentioned above

@SeanPo, I believe you own the LED light structure on the right side of the middle shelf

@Gibbtall I think the cosplay armor and yellow polyurethane foam is yours

If you need to park your materials, please make your case to the members of the TidySpace committee who can issue green parking passes:

There have been lots of notices, so after 7 days red parking tickets start going up.

Thank you for your attention.


The LED structure isn’t mine. I’ll move my plastic that’s been there too long and @Rebel_without_Clause you should move your big black bag of plastic. I’m trying to hunt down a shredder but if that doesn’t work out just recycle it @Rebel_without_Clause


Why not monetize project storage over and above the member tote boxes? Right now, we could rent out the unsold lockers for a small fee per week. When we get to the space, we could construct a nest of lockers of various dimensions, with cost per week related to locker volume. This would transform what is seen by members as a problem (excepting, of course, their own projects) into a revene source. Even a nominal fee would make members do a cost benefit analysis and would, at the same time, generate additional sources of income to cover sundry expenses.


I’m pondering if monetization comes out as holding projects hostage.


In the short term what is a good solution? I very much need space for glue drying a prop Wednesday as my deadline for it being finished is Friday


Not to suggest that projects are hostage, but rather to offer a flexible option to offer short term storage of work in progress (WIP) that both does not fit into a member sized tote and more than, say, a week or two.

Sometimes the cost and inconvenience of repeatedly schlepping WIP projects into and out of the space is burdensome. So this would provide both a solution for the member as well as generating a new revenue source for VHS. BTW, the fee, IMHO, should be modest. The point is that it is not free. Even a modest fee would automatically sort out what is generally seen as a issue to members (excepting the individual whose project material it is).


VHS has a parking permit system, voted in at a QGM several months ago:

Parking Permit

What it is
This tag should be placed on any item, project or materials used for personal or group projects, which are too large to store in personal locker or shelf space. Items with a properly issued parking permit must not be left on a Worktable or in a Walkway. Permits expire after 30 days, or on the date selected by the issuer, whichever comes first.

Who can issue
Parking permits may be issued or renewed by any officer, director, or Tidy Space Committee member, but renewals can be overruled by a majority vote of the same. Permit renewals follow the same process as new permits. The individual responsible for the material should be notified immediately of the date of issue so they can honor the term of the permit.

What’s on the form
The tag includes a brief description of the material covered, the maximum square footage taken up by the material, the name and contact information of the individual responsible for the material, the date the permit expires and the name and signature of the issuer.

Given that parking permits are only good for 30 days, and most of the items on those shelves have been untouched for over 3 months, it’s going to take a good argument to justify why they should have a parking permit.

Who to Ask for a Permit

People on the TidySpace Committee ( @Andrew_Hendriks, @Jarrett, @SteveRoy, @JDMc, @KevMacD, @xquared, @lukecyca

@Enquire, if you want to propose a completely new pay system for parking, please do so in; that’s what it’s there for.

Please keep this thread focused on cleaning up Member Project Parking.

Thank you for reading.


I’m in the process of cutting down my production work to get back to this armour, so the armour and foam I’ll be working in again soon. The leather and cube hiding under that wood thing I’ll bring home.

The wood thing on the top shelf was made by @Luke_searra I believe.


Feel fry to use this camping stove for melting wax, etc. (in a container).
Else will take the next weekend (July 8th).

As for the plastic raw material for Injection Molder, if no shredder is found by next weekend, please feel free to use it. Remainder for recycling.


The orange Home Depot bag with clasp is mine, as well as a few pieces of wood for project that was stalled while I worked on another project that I shipped out yesterday. I will either put what I need now into a tote or, else, either remove it or put it into member material supplies, as appropriate.


Question: Can old projects be moved if I have a current project I need to put on shelf? Example if a light bin full of small 5 month old things I can put on lower shelf behind byte light sign so I can access middle shelf space etc


@Davonna: Go for it. As per :



Quick reminder: items in Member Project Storage must have parking tickets.

Please request one from a TidySpace Committee member if you need one: