Material Approval Request: Cutting cork on the laser cutter

Question for the Laser Cutting Committee.

I’m wondering if cork can be added as an approved material for the laser cutter.

Here is what I found about safety for cork:

I actually got the idea to use cork from the epilog laser site:


The LCC is discussing this. Please bare with us

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We’ve had a chance to review this and cork is now provisionally approved for testing.

Please do some test cuts / etches. Check inside and have someone help outside to check how bad the smell is. Please report back here on Talk with what type of cork you try, how well it cuts and what sort of smoke / smell is produced.

As far as we can tell, there is nothing in the MSDS that is concerning, though that is for products with 100% cork. It is unclear if/what sort of binders or glue may be used in a cork product, and admittedly it is probably very difficult to find an MSDS for such an item. Cork is also listed and available for purchase from a few laser cutter companies (Epilog like you listed, as well as a few others).


@mikamika, have you had a chance to do some cuts in cork yet? Good/bad/ugly?

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