Material Approval request: coroplast on the laser cutter

So, my project which I will go into more detail in another post will be using coroplast (corogated plastic) the materal that they use for election signs. I just want to be 100% sure that it will be fine to cut in the laser cutter. Can we confirm that please?
thank you!

Hey Mike! Welcome to VHS! Your bike trailer looks really cool. Here’s a list of our approved materials for lasering.

I see Coroplast is on the banned materials list due to fumes but there are lots of other materials you can cut. Maybe there is an alternative in that list that will work for your project?

Looking forward to meeting you down at the space.


Edit: I should also add there are lots of ingenious folks at VHS. If lasering isn’t in the cards for coroplast and you still want to use it - I’m sure some members may have good suggestions for making cutting jigs, using a CNC etc. I know I’ve cut coroplast by hand several times and I know what a pain it is. There must be an easier way!

I realize I’m resurrecting an old post, but I noticed that coroplast is banned but polypropylene sheet is allowed. I’m wondering if both should be allowed (or both banned) since coroplast is made of polypropylene?

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IIRC, that’s been on the list for a long time from reports from other spaces troubles with it - it apparently has a really unpleasant tendency to catch fire and spread it across the piece quite quickly. The corrugation apparently let’s air feed throug the materials in a way that plain polypropylene sheet doesn’t.

We haven’t before cooked up procedures around cutting stuff that requires more caution like that - but if there’s strong demand, it’s something we could look at in more detail?

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Hey, it’s ironic because I’ve done thousands of hours of coroplast cutting on the laser. I believe the ban was due to the fact that the fumes clog our filtration system. If it were just vented outside I don’t think it would be an issue.

Yeah, I recall that the ban was instituted because it was heavy on the filters, and especially on the new filters.

Unfortunately we also have no plans to release the air unfiltered.


Agreed. I’ve also CNC cut it, if that’s an option for you.

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