Mastercraft belt sander belt size

Hi all I was wondering if anyone knows the belt size for the smaller mastercraft belt and disc sander? The model number is 55-3551-0 but I can’t seem to find any info online for some reason. I am assuming the belt size is 1x30 but not sure. If anyone knows that would be great. Thanks

Not much of a confirmation, but this ad suggests your proposed sizing is correct:

Mastercraft Belt, disc sander. 1"x30" belt/5" disc sander, model 55-3551-0.

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Thanks. Yah most of the info I came across while searching were things like this. Unfortunately it seems that this model has very little existence out there.

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Is there a belt on there right now we could measure? I’m guessing, no. But if so - let me know and I’ll measure it as I will be there tonight.

There is one on it, rather old, i should have done it when i was there tuesday night but assumed i would be grand with the model number.


Last i was in it was located on the bottom shelf on the far left in the woodshop but again was tuesday.

Here’s a photo. Luckily before I attempted to take it apart to get the belt out for measuring I noticed under the dust that the belt size is written on there. Wooo! You’re right it is 1 X 30.

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Ahhh ha!! That is awesome. Thank you for your help. I will see if I can get out and grab a few belts today.

Thanks again.


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Anytime! Awesome thanks for grabbing a few belts – super appreciated.

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