Masonite Laser Cutter

Is it possible to use the laser cutter to cut some masonite wood (3mm)? I’m coming in today so I would like to know asap. Thank you!

I do believe masonite is a type of hardboard and hardboard is on the banned list for filter clogging reasons.


It’s not on the approved materials list, so no it cannot be used on the laser cutter at this time.

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Hi @darkstar

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As Philip pointed out above the VHS Wiki has a list of Approved laser materials

For anything that is not on this list then a request for Laser Material Approval must be made to the Laser Cutter Committee (LCC) in the Issues and Request section of Talk.

This request should include information and research that supports the material approval request.

  • i.e. Provide links showing that the material been approved for use in other hack spaces or maker spaces.
  • Provide links to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Provide results of any Google searches for laser cutting the requested material.

VHS committees are run by volunteers so providing as much information as possible to support your request helps a lot. These requests typically take a few weeks to process.

The VHS Wiki MSDS page covers what you should include in your request.

Have a look at some previous laser material approval requests.


fwiw: masonite does not have formaldehyde like MDF does and so that specific concern doesn’t apply. The other issue with mdf/hardboard that i’ve seen mentioned is excessive smoke, which might be specific to MDF or not a problem with thinner sheets.

Which is all to say, if you’re interested in cutting masonite in the future, definitely do a materials request to the LCC! I’ve been meaning to request this myself, but since I have no urgent need i’ve been putting it off. Imo it’s got a decent shot at being approved (speaking as an individual member here, not as an lcc member).

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