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Hi there! My name is Kelly Enns. I co-own 3DGE Technologies, an authorized Markforged reseller supporting Western Canada. I called VHS looking to get on a list for quoting (and to gauge interest). I was asked to come here and post under 3D Printing (I could not find that category).

Anyway, would love to be considered when you guys are looking for an industrial printer. I’d be happy to send some sample prints to you or maybe print a benchmark to see if we are fit for your organization. If printing end-use strong/stiff parts are of interest, please let me know.

We are printing things like soft jaws, end effectors, welding and CMM fixtures as well as jigs. Let me know if I can mail you samples! Thanks for reading this!



Hi @Kelly_Enns! Nice video!

Vancouver Hack Space is a member-run nonprofit, I’m not sure we’re up for spending a whole bunch of money. But I know that at least one of our members is in the market for something bigger for their own personal or work use.

Do you have a reasonably portable demo setup? It’d be good to schedule a demo at the hackspace in Vancouver. :slight_smile:


Quite right. A number of us members have day jobs. :sunglasses:

If this is a demo you could arrange on a Saturday. I might be able to recommend it to my team at work.


@Kelly_Enns I see from your website you’re based in Kamloops… Do you have a trip scheduled? I’ll let you folks decide whether you want to gamble a tank of gas on us. :wink:


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There’s a sample print now by the Tinkerine with some info cards. One black carbon fiber one nylon, nothing special in detail but the carbon fiber is super strong and the nylon is flexible.


Hey Guys! Thanks for the posts!

We will likely be in the lower mainland again in March (or sooner if we can swing it). I will try to schedule meetings on a Friday and then maybe we can do something on a Saturday.

You are all totally worth a tank of gas. You guys are killing me! Even if VHS is not in the market, we would still love to network with you.

Bringing the Mark Two is a possibility. Would just need some prep time to level the bed and the like. It’s not automatic like with the X7. Maybe we could schedule an event, like poker night or the like. That could be a lot of fun.

If you guys follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (or sign up for email newsletters on our website) you will be kept in the know of what is going on.

Are you game?



Sorry I put this in wrong place!


I fondled the samples last night at the space… The nylon feels good, the CF reinforced nylon is tough af. Very interesting!


@Kelly_Enns Just curious what the temperature thermal limit is for the carbon fibre. i.e. at what point will it start to melt? I’m looking for something of 215C (420F) or higher.


@Majicj our max heat deflection is about 150C with Onyx, with Nylon we are about 5C cooler at 145C
or about 300F. Have you checked out the Metal X? Right now it’s only material is 17-4 stainless steel. Supposed to be adding Titanium and Tool Steel next quarter.


Hi Kelly:

Thank you for this information. The Markforged Metal X looks amazing!

The required additional sintering process step for metal puts this is outside of my scope.

Hopefully there will be Markforged 3D metal printing shop in Vancouver. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see a demo of Onyx and Mark Two!



You don’t have to use Markforged’s sinter. Any kiln will do (not supposed to say that but it’s true).

There is actually a Metal X on order for a design firm in Vancouver (it was sold before we came on as VARs for MF) and we have another one waiting for a machine combo in Yellowknife. Looking forward to them being rolled out and seeing them.

We cannot get benchmarks ourselves or for our prospects due to order back log. It will be nice to have access to one here in BC. I had hoped we would have it in time for the BC Tech Summit but alas, no.