Making Pinholes with laser cutter

Anybody made pin-holes using the laser cutter?

If it matters, I’m making them on acrylic.

However, my actual question is how to setup the DXF to indicate a single point. I can’t find any answers on Google about how to do it with Inkspace.

Manually hack the DXF?


Is there a ‘point’ entity in DXF, or is it just a ‘circle’ entity with diameter = 0?

and if it’s just a circle of diameter 0, how could the laser draw it at all?

if you need the laser to cut them, just make a circle with a diameter less than the kerf of the laser.

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I feel like you’d also run into problems timing it. You want the laser on for long enough to acually get through the material.

Lasercad allows you to push the “lase” button and it just fires the laser. If the material was positioned well, I bet that would work to create a minimal hole.

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Depends on the material, manual lase is pretty low powered but might work for something really thin. Otherwise I’d just make a really small vector circle and run it at a very slow speed.

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I cut some tiny holes in acrylic recently, but I just made really small circles.


I noticed in Lasercad, there are a few options for each “layer”. Burn, cut and … hole :slight_smile:
I’ll play around with the hole feature when I have some time free again. I also figured out how to make “points” in inkspace