Making a Knife(No Forging)

OK I’ve been on slack posting about the knives I’ve made. So I’m starting a thread to document how I am doing this, I’m not going to document the design process, but how I’m actually making them.

Here is a shot from Fusion360 of the knife I’m making now.

I’ve selected S35VN as the steel. It’s created from powder kind of like Carbide inserts. Pressed under heat supposedly to achieve a more uniform grain structure. This isn’t a crazy expensive steel, but it isn’t cheap either. 3/16" x 2" x 12" runs about $73. The first step is to cut the blanks to length on the horizontal band saw. I’m not posting a picture of this as it’s boring. Please also note, I’m doing this in my machine shop, not @ VHS as I have almost all the tools I need here, and I’m not sure of the policies on some of the tools in regards to steel. Especially the saws. :stuck_out_tongue:

After cutting, the stock thickness comes over size, so I’m surface grinding to thickness.


This is where I’m at right now. Next step will be machining. I want to design a plate fixture where I can have all 3 operations up on one plate in the machine. Stay tuned for updates.


The after. 3 blanks surface ground on both sides to 3/16". The little piece of crop is to show the state of the material before grinding.


Looking forward to seeing the final product. This is exactly the type of stuff that I am interested in doing myself… up to this point i have been just putting my own scales in and shaping them.

Hoping to be able to do some down at the space but currently working on restoring an old hatchet and making a new handle from a chunk of ash.

Looking forward to ur future posts!!

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Totally gone old school here. This is the crop piece that I had sitting on top of the ground blanks. Hacksaw, Die grinder and belt sander doing all the work.

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After some surface grinding and free handing the primary bevel.