Main Table Clean - VHS Minutes Broken - Adopt an Area

I cleaned off the main tables and wiped them down today.

Crap that was on the tables was moved to this shelf

Imho VHS minutes are not really working for keeping large areas such as this clean.

I am going to commit to cleaning the main work tables once per week.

I think that all members should be encouraged to adopt a specific area that they will commit to cleaning organizing once every one or two weeks. Looking after this area will also involve sweeping the floor of that particular area. Note that if a few folks adopt one specific area then it makes for less work for each of you.

Areas off hand that I can think of are (in no particular order)

  1. Laser Cutter Area
  2. 3D Printer Area
  3. Electronics Bench 1
  4. Electronics Bench 2 (pick and place, reflow ovens)
  5. Front entranceway and sink
  6. Front office
  7. Kitchen
  8. Bathroom1, Bathroom 2
  9. Paint and messroom
  10. Woodshop (multiple areas here)
  11. Metalshop
  12. Sewing area
  13. Craft table
  14. Lounge (including kegerator)
  15. Table at bottom of stairs
  16. Freecycle shelves - @packetbob :raised_hands:
  17. Taking out the garbage
  18. CNC land
  19. Machine shop
  20. Tool shelves
  21. Storage boxes areas
  22. Main work tables @Majicj
  23. Whatever you want to take on.

So perhaps instead of the usual “Thanks for doing this” perhaps folks will consider adopting one of the areas above! That would be something I would truly appreciate!

Happy hacking!


I clean & neaten (or at least try to) the FreeCycle shelves once or twice a week…


I tidied the electronics area tonight. Just the side with the soldering irons.