Machine Shop Training

Hi all,

I am trying to keep better track of training requests, so have created an email address, mainly so I have a calendar for this. I’ve gone through the posts and messages I have, and have compiled a list. Messages on Slack are automatically purged, so I may be missing some people. If you have requested, or are interested in training and are not on this list, please let me know. The email address is


Milling machine:
Tal (?)

I am currently reworking the bench in the shop, but hope to have it finished for next weekend. I’ll start reaching out to make training appointments this week.


I’d like to be added for both! Thank you!

Oooh oo I’d love metal lathe training
Thanks for organizing

Hi @Billiam

Thank you so much for putting this together. I’d like to be added for training on both the machines please…


Any updates on this? I hope I didn’t miss it.

That’s great, thanks!. I just read this post. Hopefully I didn’t miss it.

No one’s missed anything yet. I’m doing the training one at a time, as the shop is small, and with Plague Awareness, two people is really all that can fit in there. I’m slowly getting through the list, I’d like to be able to get to sessions done per weekend, but that has been a challenge. I’ll add your names to my list (that I now actually have!)

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Hi @Billiam

I thought I had messaged a thread saying that I was interested but I didn’t see my name on the list.

Would you be able to take one more?


Btw, it would be in both machines.


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So where abouts are we on this list? I’m keen to make some chips here!

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Hi Virgil. At this moment, training is unfortunately on hold. The Covid policy was changed recently, making the machine shop strictly a one-person at a time space, despite masks being worn. I hope that will change when the newest Provincial Health Order expires on the 19th.

Oh wow. What a bummer. Well, we’ll try again after that I guess.

'Till then.

I’ve been waiting a couple of months now, and time is now starting to run out for me. I had to take my lathe project to a machine shop and pay to get it done. But I could really use the milling machine now.

What’s the chance to have an online refresher for people that have already used these tools?

Also, I had a class at the BC firearms academy today, there were about 15 people in a 30 x 20’ classroom. Would 2 people in the shop really be excessive or illegal?

Anyways, @Billiam, please don’t take my comments personal, especially if I sound bitchy. It’s great that you have been making an effort to introduce us to the machine shop. Thanks for all your help and for being proactive. You’re awesome.

How about an online test for people that have experience with a milling machine or a lathe?

I could use any practical orientation, but I am not looking as much for in-depth training (I’m aware these machines can be extremely dangerous, if the safety rules are overlooked). I am looking for green light to use the milling and finally make a mounting plate for a spindle I’ll put on a machine that I have just sitting and waiting for me to move ahead.



I would also like to get training on the lathe and milling machine.
Just adding my name to the queue.

I sent an email as well.


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Add me onto the list as well.


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Hi there, I’m a new member, joining with a specific interest in learning some machining. Could I also be added to the list?


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Hi Bill,

Sent you an email a few days ago to the machineshop gmail. I’m looking for some training on the lathe and the CNC mill. Have extensive metal work experience welding and CNC routing looking to get trained the these two machines to round out my skillset. These machines are why I’m getting a membership at VHS. Do you have any updates on a training schedule?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Michael

Thanks for reaching out here. As you are discovering VHS is a hack space run by volunteers. :slight_smile:

Are you on Slack yet? If so please drop by the machine-shop channel to connect with other VHS members interested in the machine shop.

Hope to get you making chips soon!


Hi Mark,

I don’t think I have a slack account yet. Is that something that I need to do through VHS? I don’t have a VHS membership yet as I was hoping to get a timeline on when I could do training before I sign up.

Thanks for reaching out.

Hi Michael.

Slack is for VHS members so you’d need to join.

The training in the machine shop has been on hold as a result of Covid. I think we are now just starting to work through the list of folks who have previously signed up for training.

I shall see if I can find out how many people are currently on this list and how long it might take before you would receive training.


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Hey Mark,

Thanks for the update. I appreciate you looking into the wait list for me.