Machine shop floor


The concrete pour appears to have been a success. The two small areas that didn’t cure likely because of cold spots should be good by now.

As mentioned on Slack, I was able to get a reduced price on garage tile from Swisstrax ( ). They are likely left-overs from an installation, as I have a “cash price”. Colours are orange and brown, in their “Diamondtrax” style. The price is $2 / sf, the room is 120 sf. This is considerably cheaper than their clearance price of 2.98 (+taxes).

If anyone would like to contribute a little to help support the shop, I’d be grateful. The total should be right around $240. Thank you to the people who have offered to contribute so far; I am floored by the support.


Nice! Bill let us know the best way to give you cash. Paypal?


I’ll pm tomorrow. My thumbs are getting too fat for my phone tonight. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the support!


Please let me know how to give you money :wink:


I’m in for some $. Thanks for all the work you have done!


It was looking really amazing when I checked it out! :smiley:


Hello all!
Tomorrow morning at about 10, I’m going to finish up the floor in the machine shop, and could use a hand (or 6) to shuffle the lathe a couple of times. I made a set of adjustable feet for it, so it can be leveled. The mill will also need to come in.

Please let me know if anyone can help.


Bill continuing his awesome work in the Machine shop by fabbing adjustable feet for the lathe.

Cut a few inches of threaded rod and grind a bevel on the tip. Use a nut for stop guide for holding a plate

Drill a hold in quarter inch plate and balance it on the end of the rod/nut

Position MIG torch

Bam! Apply the FORCE!

Four shiny new levelling feet for the lathe!

Awesome work @Billiam!