Machine disposal in the mess room - does anyone want these? Gone next week Nov 30

Hey y’all, we’re getting rid of some of the machines in the mess room. Some are posted below, let us know if any other place needs them to function before we drop them off at the disposal place next week

I’ll come have a looksee this afternoon/evening, I think I have a use for the Trivac unit.

Hi Avy.

Thank you for tackling this. Hey this post belongs in the “Space and Infrastructure” category and not “General Lounge”.

Secondly. Getting rid of paint supplies and small sundries with a notice via Talk is fine. Stuff like machines and VHS tools requires more due diligence and discussion on slack. One weeks notice on talk is not sufficient.

Have a look at some of the past Equipment review posts on Talk to see how this has been done in the past.

Please do not dispose of anything until a proper equipment review has been done.

For the above pics there is a rock tumbler/polisher there that is useful and should be kept.

The vacuum chamber while looking grungy still works and is part of VHS tools

iirc The Trivac belongs to a member but I don’t remember who.

Not sure what the story is on the motors.


The pressure pot belongs to vHS I think and was originally @Gibbtall’s I believe. Gibbatall please confirm. Thanks!

Sure. I am all for keeping useful equipment around, but these machines are not useful in the paint and mess room. If any committee wants these machines, they can claim them, and we will happy to let them house it in their area. We are happy to extend the time so people can talk about it more.

The CNC shop is thinking about taking ownership of the rock tumbler as well as the one of the vacuum pump, we will let them decide which one they want to take.

These is no vacuum chamber pictured, so I don’t know what you are talking about.

The Trivac was brought into the space by Bobby the electric cat 2 years ago. We thought we could do something with it but we never got it working. Again the CNC shop is deciding which one of 3 vacuum pump they want to take.

To my knowledge, none of the pictured machines has even been used by anyone in the last 3 years. If someone wants to take responsibility for any of these machines, that would be amazing. But painting room is no longer going to be a holding area for unused machines.

You can consider this post an initial consultation. A formal tool review will be posted for unclaimed equipment after a week.


There are 2 pressure pots currently in the painting room. The one pictured it the one people are not using. I think the painting room only need one pressure pot. I would be happy to have a conversation about which one we want to keep or if we want to keep 2.

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All good from my perspective - just wasn’t sure if it belonged to vhs or a member, sounds like you’re good. Fire away!

Meow trivac was a old oil vacuum pump we didn’t need. It uses kf25 nw25 flange connections. I can give you clamps if anyone actually wants to use it.


That is fair. I will contact Gibbtall to make sure everything is good before we do the removal.

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Could any of these be turned into a pressure pot for casting resins?

They are pressure pots for casting resins. We are for sure keeping one of them. but we for sure don’t need 3.

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It’s been 7 weeks since this post went up. I’d say anything that hasn’t been claimed is safe to go to Freecycle immediately.

Since we have cleaned up more, we have more space. We also had more conversation about priorities in the space. I will make a formal equipment review post to finalize everything next week.


Thanks. Stuff breaks and gets broken, sometimes it’s worth keeping more than one of something, especially if the quality is good.

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