Luke's List (surplus stuff from my workbench)

I’m cleaning off my workbench. These are parts for which I have no planned projects. Maybe they’re useful to you?

All this stuff is either completely unused, or lightly used by me for testing.

If you want a bunch of stuff, then prices are very much negotiable!

Lorawan nodes

Lorawan mapper node

$35 CAD

In the tupperware is an older Rasbperry Pi with SD card. The Pi has this GPS & Lorawan hat. The Pi is currently configured to send its current GPS coordinates over Lorawan to TTN. See this other thread for more information.

Adafruit RFM95W Lorawan Node

$20 CAD

This can be connected to a microcontroller to send stuff over lorawan.

Product Info

Flow Meters

These can measure the rate of liquid flow. They send pulses to a microcontroller. You count the pulses to know how much liquid has flowed.

3/4" NPT

$15 CAD (2 available)
Product Info

1/2" NPT

$7.00 CAD (3 available)
Product Info

Pi Case

$5 (1 available)
Product Info

LCD Character Displays

16 columns, 2 rows of characters. Easy to drive from Arduinos and such.
$2 CAD (4 available)

LCD Character Displays “I2C Backpacks”

These solder directly to the character displays, and let you drive them with 4 wires instead of 7 wires using the I2C protocol. Also very easy to use with Arduino.

Splashproof cases


$2 CAD (3 available)

Waterproof White LED strips

24V, brite white, 5m in a roll

Product Info

$10 CAD (1 available)

Limit Switches

Spring loaded limit switches

$2 CAD each, 3 available (2 with rollers, 1 springy).

Temperature Sensors

1m long - $2 (5 available)
3m long - $3 (1 available)

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I’m interested in the flow meters, I don’t know exactly which one just yet (need to check our office kegerator tomorrow morning)

Hi Luke,
I’ll take:
2x LCD displays
2x I2C backpacks
2x splash proof cases
2x 3m temp sensors


hey luke,

can I get 2 lcd displays, 2 l2c backpacks, and 2 limit switches.


@3bien you’ll want the 1/2" NPT ones for a kegerator. The 3/4" ones are too large. Keep in mind that you’ll need to calibrate this to get anything very accurate, and that your calibration will be somewhat dependent on flow rate (it’s non-linear). This is totally doable for a kegerator though because the co2 pressure should be fairly constant.

@SteveRoy Great. I’ll gather these up and send you a PM.

@yeungx Which style of limit switches do you want (the roller style, or the springy style)? I might be short one of the backpacks but I’ll see if I can find another.

hey luke
if the led strips are still available. ill take a roll

One of each just to play with if possible. and don’t worry about the other backpack if you can’t find it, I just want to play around a little.

Thanks everyone. I’ll bring the goods to VHS tomorrow and then PM you for payment.

There’s still some stuff left. I’ll edit the original post.

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@winegummo @yeungx @3bien @SteveRoy

Your stuff is in labeled bags on the rolly cart with my name on it (currently in front of the member bins while electrical work is in progress).

Please tally up what you owe and donate it to VHS either by putting cash in the donatio bin or using the one-time donation paypal button. Thanks!


thanks Luke!

i grabbed the leds tiday and dropped 10 in the donation box.


I got mine, made a $10 dollar donation to the space. Thanks Luke.