Lost Wax Casting Equipment Space/Workshop

Hello Everyone,
Got a tour from Greg yesterday of the workspace and possible opportunities for bringing new equipment in. I was told that making a post would be the best way to gage the level of interest for this. I’ve been making jewelry, usually out of sterling silver using the lost wax/resin casting method for the last year or so. I have all the equipment necessary to do so. Programmable Burnout Kiln, Vacuum casting chamber, wax shaping tools, Flasks, Thongs, Investment plaster, consumables, electric furnace, dremels, polishing gear, ultrasonic cleaner, etc. From my visit it seemed that many people would be interested on learning how to use the equipment and making rings/jewelry of their own. I would be happy to run a workshop on it and teach fellow makers how to use the equipment. The only issue Im seeing is the use of the kiln. The kiln would need to run for roughly a 13 hour period at high temperatures that are programmed into the machine. The kiln is 8’’ x 8’’ x 13’’ and would need to be plugged into an outlet and in a place where it can ventilate the fumes to the outside. All the other equipment I could store away for when it needs to be used in the process and avoid a cluttered space for other makers. but the kiln is the only thing that would need to be left unsupervised for long periods. Im unsure of the rules and regulations of the buildings operation to make this possible so thats the main reason for this post. Running this workshop would be a little strange as is a very dragged out process with small workloads to be done at very specific times to get the intended result. So the workshop would likely be a multiple day, oddly timed process for everyone involved. However, I think its well worth it for what can be made and learned. I was told Metal Janet is the person I need to talk to about this however I am new to the forum and message board and have no idea how to find them. Another hurdle would be the probationary period membership. Since the kiln runs at specific times, the available times to work while on probation would make the workshop impossible until I am deemed fit to hold a key. But im happy to tinker around with other projects for a month if this idea is given a green light. I’ve attached a photo of some pieces I’ve made before moving to vancouver at my old space. The possibilities are endless, and its a super rewarding process.



I’d be really interested in taking this workshop!

But, running the kiln for 13 hours may be a problem. Normally we require people to stick around and keep an eye on things like the 3d printers or the laser, and the welding shop has a 30 minute fire watch requirement.

Anyway, you can find @Metal_Janet by typing “@Metal_Janet”, and maybe she’ll have some ideas here. :slight_smile:

I’m going to tag @WDaynes on this thread too. He has done some metal casting in the past and may have some insights.

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@Metal_Janet do you have any insight on the building regulations to make this possible? Thanks!

Woah! This sounds really cool and I’m definitely interested in a workshop, but idk about the 13-hour kiln, especially if it’s running unsupervised in the space. I’ll leave that to people who are more knowledgeable about the fire hazards it might produce.