LoRaWan Gateway for VHS IoT projects


I have an account on thethingsnetwork but how do i join the vancouver community?
Figured it out…


Update on this project…

The gateway on top of VHS continues to run. The only LoRaWAN node that’s used it (to my knowledge) is this raspberry pi rig that I cobbled: consisting of a lorawan radio and GPS module and a USB battery pack I found at VHS. I modified the software so it queries the GPS for its current location, and then sends those coordinates out over the LoRaWAN radio. I bike around with this thing and it sends out LoRaWAN packets which get picked up by our gateway (or not) and they are forwarded over the Internet to TTNMapper to be plotted on a map along with signal strength. Effectively this plots out the range of our gateway.

Here’s the map:

(live version)

The dead spots are either because the signal is too weak, OR I simply haven’t biked there.

How to get involved

You need a device with a 915Mhz LoRaWAN radio module. These are available as Arduino shields, Pi hats, castellated radio modules, and several other form factors. Our gateway is hooked up to The Things Network. Make an account on TTN and follow a tutorial to get your node device set up. If you’re within range of our gateway you should be able to get a signal through. Post here if you do!



New gateway in your area, I’ll be doing an outdoor RAK831 soon too.


Packed up most of the gateway last Saturday around 2pm. Forgot to post it.
Here is the bundle that I have saved safely in my car for installation later at the new V

enebles location.


All we should need to reinstall is an ethernet connection with POE power. And perhaps a place to mount the antenna high above the roof.