Loratron 6040 CNC Bed Upgrade

Member @Emerson has upgraded the bed of the 6040 Loratron CNC machine.

As always beautiful work and thank you to Emerson for making VHS a better place for everyone!

From Emerson β†’

Hi CNC-6040 users, the bed is finally upgraded.
Here follows some features: Effective working dimension (x,y): (304 x 520) mm, Tolerance in Z (0.05 x 0.025) mm along the entire length (x,y) respectively. It is fixed to the original bed with 15 bolts 1/4-20 distanced 4" away. And it has 50 threaded 1/4-20 positions distanced 2" in all directions for fixture.

A quick note. This is not a sacrificial waste board. Please Do Not Machine into it!

Some pics below:
Bed before before facing:

Bed before after facing:

It is now very easy to square the Vise!


Will there be a wasteboard? :slight_smile:

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previously. when machining outline shapes, the operator would put a waste board the same size as their stock underneath, I Imagine this will continue going forward.

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@Emerson has brought in a light for the Loratron. :raised_hands:

Hi CNC 6040 users, I brought this light today for my project and it works perfectly. It’s detachable and I will keep it inside the CNC cabinet. Feel free to use it, keep it clean and store it back in the cabinet. Let there be light, have fun and great weekend.


Is the Loratron working? If so - how do you request training on it?

edit: oops sorry - just noticed on the wiki that Jim is the area champion. I will ask him. Cheers