Looking to learn about DC motor control

Please link your favorite tutorials, your previous projects, anything. I’m looking to integrate something like
36BLR-50-24-01 from OMC Stepper Online into an existing project. That’s 24v1a brushless.


When we built the mechaduino as a group build at VHS, I learned a lot about the world of DIY servo control. Is that what you mean?

For just driving regular DC motors, I really like the vnh5019 (which I bought from Marginally Clever Robots!) because it provides smooth speed control and current-sense feedback. My first bottler uses this to move the carriage up and down, and uses the current-sense feedback for software-adjustable force applied to seal the bottles/cans while filling. A local brewery is still using this machine 3-4 times per week and has been for years.

Dan: what are your favourite tutorials, previous projects, etc.?


The closest I’ve been to a dc motor are electric linear actuators from progressive. After that… nothing. I am really quite ignorant about them.
As I’m only starting to learn, I wanted to find out what’s out there and go straight to the best source.

What about an oDrive or knockoff?

This is a single drive version for about ~$65US

Or if you want to do your own board

Skyentific on YouTube is a great resource for learning about bldc and robot arms.

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In the past while I was In school we created our own motor control board which we closed the loop on using encoders, I can take a look at the chip used if that could be of interest if I recall the chip we used could either power two dc motors or one stepper but I’d have to double check voltage etc.