Looking to give away a fully functioning airbrush booth (it's free yo)!

It’s a bit messy on the bottom because paint and I spilled acetone, but all the lights work and I also have it’s replacement filter to give as well as the manual!

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can we set this up in the mess room?

The entire paint area in the mess room is already set up to be used for airbrushing, and also it’s rather full as it is. I wanted to see if anyone was interested in something personally


I would take this for my personal airbrush at home

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Done! Would you like to pick it up at the hackspace or if you’re near Kerrisdale, you can pick it up at my house!

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Hackspace would be preferable as I’m in North Van


We can hash details over slack, like what day would work for you! Message me with what works for you! I’m Avy there