Looking for storage containers!

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How are you all??

I’m looking for storage containers for clothes and they would be organized like the images below:

I have been looking at options on Amazon, uline, Canadian Tire etc, but REALLY curious to know IF any of you can offer a better deal (on a tight budget) OR may have some that you want to get rid of. I am looking for about 6-8 storage boxes. If you have less than that to give away, I’ll most likely accept it if the dimensions work in the space.

I have been looking at Mesh straight walls and Wire Mesh Bins, But I think I’d like something that can be easily stacked, such as the Banker boxes image below…


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For this kinda stuff, I’ve found that (unfortunately) walmart is a decent option for looking around at uniform boxes that stack.

For my own storage room, I have a bunch of rubermaid totes and metal shelving. I found this to be the best for me, but I’m storing sports gear and tools and such.

But overall my suggestion is check out the horrid vendors like walmart. I got mine for very little.

The racks I got from Amazon.com, and picked up from the states (not as much of an option these days) but I got these:

The shelves are solid and I love em. I do wish I got slightly tougher bins, since I sometimes stack them and with the weight I have in them they get damaged. For fabric they might be fine though.

I also use Rubbermaid totes in various shelves and though not cheap they last forever and can stack without shelving if you don’t put too much weight into them…

You show bankers boxes and though cheaper than totes they don’t last very long. If you do go with backers boxes try to re-enforce them with plenty of packing tape…

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im also a fan of plastic totes. ive done the banker box and they always end up getting destroyed through use. also. bugs dont eat these.

these were bought at walmart


Canadian Tire has some big Black Friday sales that include racks and boxes

I’ve bought like 6 of these over the years when they go on sale, they’re decently stronk https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/certified-5-shelf-resin-rack-36-in-x-18-in-x-72-in-0680314p.html