Looking for someone to 3D print braille dice


Hi all,

I’ve got a blind friend in my tabletop RPG group. I made him a braille D20 ages ago when I had access to a printer, but I didn’t know what I was doing so it wasn’t very good and I couldn’t make the other sizes. Would anyone be able to print me quality versions of each die size? Happy to pay.

The models are freely available I suspect, so really just need someone who knows what they’re doing and has access to a printer :slight_smile:

Would be awesome to have for Christmas, but not a dealbreaker.



Us at makers making change (www.makersmakingchange.com) can totally help with this. PM me. Can print this week.


This what you are looking for?


Going to do a couple sets of these!


These look like the perfect thing to print on the form1!!! I think the details are going to be hard to get just right on a normal FDM


This is probably too much time for the holiday rush; but would this be a good project for the injection molder?


Probably wouldn’t work so well on the injection molder unfortunately. If you tried to inject the full die, it’d get weird sink marks and distortion from uneven cooling. You’d need to hollow it out with uniform wall thicknesses, which would make it way too light and would be really hard to do. Might be able to resin cast it though.


I was thinking that as well but need to level up myself to learn how to use. Will use our printers for first go at this, but perhaps next week on open house night take a run at it.


Yeah, @Rob_MacKenzie you’re right. The prints we are doing are really rough on the side with supports, and on the edges of the die where it is bumped.

Going to try a few other designs, but right now my 3d printing aint up to the task.

This time of year is crazy, but perhaps an AT hack night in the future. I could use a hand with the form1 as that would be a virgin affair, casting is new to me as well. No limit to what I dont know :slight_smile: