Looking for makers who upcycle products as a business to interview

Hello Makers,

I am a UX Designer currently working with a startup focusses on upcycling business. My client is currently developing a technology that helps makers like you source sustainable materials to enable your creative processes, and also incentivizes shoppers to buy your products. We are validating a proper market fit, so we are currently looking for makers who have a business in selling upcycled goods to interview. Upcycled goods include upcycled furniture, upcycled home decor, or anything that involves handcrafting processes.

The interview will be taken place over an hour-long Zoom call. Your valuable time and insights will be rewarded with a $50 Amazon Gift Card. If you have an upcycling goods business and would like to share your thoughts. Feel free to message me or shoot me an email: crystal.lam@kaizor.com

Thank you!