Looking for help setting up something like TACOS at a US makerspace

Hi folks, I was a member at VHS when I lived Vancouver. I’ve moved to the US, and I’m a member at the Charlotte Makerspace.

The org is trying to setup a keyfob based tool lockout system, and I was hoping to reach out and see if VHS has setup TACOS or what the consensus is about such systems…

Hope everyone’s doing fine with all the snow…


Hey Sampath, it’s great to hear from you. Tacos is still very much in development, IE we haven’t fully deployed it yet, but it would be great to collaborate and share ideas. When I was at the Calgary proto space, they had a working key fob system for some of their tools.

Is it more the hardware or the software side that you need help with or both?


Hi John

At this point, we just a have bunch of requirements for what the system needs to do. Ideally we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Obviously the system doesn’t need to be too polished, we’re happy to build the hardware and deploy the required backend, but not start from scratch if that makes sense?

If there’s something we can do to contribute back, do a writeup of how things went, improve documentation or fix some bugs, that would be great.

Would you suggest reaching out to Calgary proto space?


@sampath! Great to hear from you!