Looking for CAD Help

Hi all.

I’m looking for some CAD help. I want to 3D print a press to make a lens bezel for my Van. It’s an aluminum (1 mm thick) ornamental piece that mounds around the tail light.

I have an existing bezel that can be used as a reference, and an AnyCubic I3 Mega to print the part, and I could use a hand making the cad file (preferably using Fusion 360).

I’m happy to pay for the designs.


Tom M

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Hi @Thomas_Minshull ,

Can you get a 3D scanned model of the bezel? I think someone has a 3D scanner, although 3D scanning a reflective Aluminum part may not be easy (unless you paint it to be non-reflective).
Can you please post a photo of the part before I can decide if I can 3D model the part? Thank you!

Curious question: Are you planning to “3D Print Aluminum” using your I3Mega and then sinter it in an oven?


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