Looking for a retailer for M3 2mm set screws for 3d printer

Can anyone recommend a local shop that sells M3 2mm set screws? I’ve tried Pacific Fasteners in person and looked at RP, Lee’s, etc without much luck - even Fastenal only seems to carry them down to 3mm. I need a replacement set screw for my Prusa MK3S’s Bondtech filament gear.

I’ve found them in Canada at an online retailer based in Ontario, but they want $20 shipping for a pack of ten set screws which bothers me a little more than it probably should. I thought about shaving off the top of the set screw, but the last 1mm on the top wouldn’t give enough room for the hex socket to grab safely.

There’s a fair few metric bits and bobs just past Jaxon on the east wall. You might find what you need in there. Otherwise I just defer to AliX to get all my better-units parts.

Someday maybe we’ll finish the transition to metric… :crossed_fingers::rofl:

i’ve ordered them from Amazon and alieX… not sure about anyone local

No qualms about ordering from aliexpress, I just want them now rather than in a month or two. Not much luck from Amazon, though while Amazon.com has some options, they all seem to ship from overseas as well alas. :frowning:

Ended up realizing that I had accidentally prefilled an American address, ended up snagging 30 of these screws from https://3dprintingcanada.com/ for about $10 shipped. Can’t complain too much about that, I suppose, but I’m going to be grumpy about the shipping time coming from across the country.

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