Long bed wood turning lathe & for winding Inductors-Transformers-Filters


I have a large length woodworking (may be plastics/polymers?) lathe, can that be loaned and used for turning and winding >transformers/inductors, etc.?

I am sure that this would be an asset to VHS. Are you proposing to site the lathe on premises as member owned equipment for general >use by the membership?

Yes, similar to the Taig CNC.
(1) Since it is homemade, it can be adapted for Transformer, Inductor and Electromagnetic Interference (EM) choke winding. Benefits are no need to buy inductors and transformers; all we do is stock magnetic cores, bobbins and enamelled copper wire.

(2) The sturdy base is detachable and can be used for mounting variety of CNC and lathe like tool frames.

(3) Making Cotton Candy :slight_smile:

(4) Can the new VHS space be equipped with overhead cranes (allowed and expense permitting)?



This lathe dimensions are 63" X 17" X 44" (L X D X H).
The plan is to automate (hack) this manual Long Bed Lathe to an automatic one for machining extremely hard materials (that can abrade the guide rail mechanism of existing Engine Lathe) using Linear Actuators, CPUs, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Servos.
The VFD and Servos will also require 3 Phase 208/480 V AC power.

VHS woodworking shop seems to have run out of space. The two spaces that I feel can be used are:
(1) In between the Taig CNC, Sherline (PCB) CNC and Project Storage Rack
(2) The corner Cards Arcade game, Lounge-TV-Microwave and the Robotic arm.

This may need rearrangement (stacking) of HAM Radio equipment, Electronics components storage, Card Arcade game, Robot Arm, etc.

Suggestions for locating this lathe are welcome!