Tradeworks is looking for a few small lockers. Does VHS still have some lockers that they want to dispose of?


Anyone object to Steve grabbing a few?

Seems like a totally reasonable request, he’s run a ton of awesome (free!) tablesaw workshops and donated a bunch of woodworking tools.

Also a stand-up guy.


110% couldn’t go to a better home. All for this!


i would like to second (third?) the lockers going to Steve and tradeworks.
Awesome guy and awesome organization


Definitely. Steve is a long-time friend of VHS and anything we can do to help Tradeworks is excellent.


Definitely Steve!


You guys are making me blush! Thanks so much for donating the lockers to Tradeworks. I looked at the photos that @Andrew_Hendriks sent me and we would like to take the two lockers in the attached photos below. I’ll have to arrange pickup on a weekday that there is someone at the space. Could I bother someone to take some measurements to see if they’ll fit in my Rav4?



Hi Steve,

Here are the measurements for these lockers:

2 X 2 door locker: 24 1/4" X 15 " X 75 1/2 "

4 x 1 door locker: 12" X 12 " X 72 "

Feel free to reach out to me via PM and I can meet you at the space to facilitate loading.

Thank you again for all your help!


I’ll arrange for appropriate vehicle(s) and get back to you with a date and time. Hopefully Monday sometime.

Thanks again for helping us out!


The lockers arrived at Tradeworks last night. Our participants have already started to use them. A huge thanks to @Andrew_Hendriks for volunteering to deliver them and, of course, another huge thanks to VHS for your generous donation to Tradeworks.