Locker Allocation


HAHAHAHA… I did exactly what you asked me to do, kept your name out of it, and now you’re publicly pissy about it… sweet woolly mammoth…


Alright folks, I realize that the lockers vs totes has become a contentious issue over the ambiguity regarding the fate of the lockers with the originally accepted proposal.

When the action recently came to implement the member bins policy, I’m sure many of us looked back to the original accepted QGM proposal thread ( to reference what that outlined but were met with a blank document (as I myself was, thinking the link may have expired) and quickly came to the wiki entry I’ve quoted before that outlines details about member bins but doesn’t say much about lockers.

I, like a few others, thought that it was agreed that the lockers would be sold when we switched to the bins but assumed it must’ve only been implied because the wiki entry didn’t say and didn’t put much thought into the blank gdoc referenced in the original proposal thread.

Given the harsh words and infighting happening here, I wanted to be sure that we didn’t actually state the fate of the lockers one way or another (convinced I thought I stated we would in fact sell them). Digging through the documents I noticed a curious version history entry on our blank document. Turns out a past member still had write access and deleted the content of the file. See the version history:

I’ve since restored the document to it’s original version at the time of the QGM passing it. (I’m review my other documents). While this is kinda late in the game, I felt it was important to bring this up for two reasons:

  1. Review access control on your documents as a regular security checkup. Moreover;
  2. The original accepted proposal did in fact state that we would sell the lockers once we switched to the bins.

The intent here was to free up the floor space inefficiently consumed by the lockers and make the member storage more flexible both for members and for VHS to arranging the space itself.

I don’t expect people to change their sentiments at this stage with regards to what has been discussed, despite the facts of this original proposal, but I would like to remind everyone that we’re on the same side, trying to make VHS the best space we can.


[Q] What is going to happen to the lockers?
[A] The lockers will be emptied, cleaned, and sold on craigslist.

This is what was agreed upon.
All I am asking is that a person who voted to sell the lockers actually step up and sell them - don’t leave it to a person (like me) who wanted to keep a locker. That’s not fair.


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