Local Ed-Tech provider

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Hello all,

I posted here before introducing our company and a project we were doing at the time. For those who aren’t familiar, I’m from EIM Technology. We’re a BC-based ed-tech provider that specializes in hardware and designing programs for use at school. Our products are found in many schools across the country now. They’re also very valuable as prototyping tools. I have attached some of our main links below for you to learn more.

Main website: https://www.eimtechnology.com/
Full catalogue: Our Products | Electronic Kits, Tools, & Modules | EIM Technology

The reason for me posting again is we have some units in the office that we want to designate towards Makerspace communities. We have the budget to give out some free samples on the condition that the user give us their opinion and take some pictures showing their use. Would anyone at VHS be interested?

And for those who want to purchase for personal use, I have added a discount code, VHS, at our shop for 15% off.

EIM Team

Hi Dave, can you please clarify, are you looking to donate equipment to VHS or to a VHS member?


We are happy to donate some equipment to the space if members want to try it out / give some feedback.