Loading Bay Etiquette

Hi all,

Canvassing the membership for some thoughts on how we use the loading bay, specifically occupying it for longer periods. Sometimes members will park in the loading bay, or use it for projects, and I think that’s fine, I’ve done it myself. What’s caught me out a few times, and what I think can get a bit frustrating, is when you need to load/unload something, and the loading bay is indefinitely blocked.

I had an idea for a 15-minute guideline, which I thought I’d spitball to the membership. I am NOT making a policy proposal, nor am I thinking of, or calling out, anyone in particular.

What I had in mind was, simply, if your vehicle is in the loading bay, another member should be able to have the bay cleared for loading or unloading within 15 minutes. That doesn’t mean your vehicle can’t stay longer, or that you can’t occupy the loading bay for projects, it just means you need to be able to be reached, and able to move the vehicle, within 15 minutes, upon another member’s request.

What do folks think? Is that a reasonable idea?

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there are several members here who work on their vehicles and often work on fitting parts to their vehicle as part of the projects that they undertake while at VHS. In my opinion this is a very valid use case to occupy this space. If items need to be unloaded into the hackspace then a simple request to move their vehicle while unloading takes place isn’t the end of the world.

Additionally in the summer months it’s kinda nice to get out and work on projects in the open air. I have utilized some of this space for larger assemblies in the past where the DMZ area may be too cluttered. Again - this i feel like is a fair use of space that’s available to members. If another member asked to move i’d move and i’d offer to help them load their materials.