Little help with an anycubic 3d printer modifications?

It’s an anycubic i3

I wanted to do some hacking of it, as there is propriatary software and I have a replacement motherboard bigtree 1.4 I managed to do it before, very slowly and with great frustration and had to learn to do the coding to get pin assignment and… wasted so much time because of the learning curve. I don’t want to do that again.

Would you know anyone in the VHS that can swap out the motherboards or help me with flashing marlin 2.0 (couldn’t even do that after a few hours of trying). I don’t know what I can offer in exchange. But I did make a cool insulated box with shelves for the printer, or just money, I suppose would be easiest. I know how the VHS isn’t supposed to be a commercial business but, I’m stuck.