Liquidation Sale (and now some free stuff)


Hey guys,

Sadly my company is ceasing operations and we’re closing up shop at the end of the month.
Everything must go.

Here’s a short list of stuff we’re trying to sell off to recoup some of our losses:
11 5m Spools of IP20 WS2812B (SK6812 actually) 5V LED strips 60 led/m white pcb adhesive backed (Unopened)
GONE! - 80x LG F1L 18650 Batteries (3350mAh) Unopened from certified LG supplier (original value $7USD/pc)
GONE! - 2x 4-Cell Li-ion Chargers (digital display, full cycling features)
3x Leather office chairs (Kendros task chair from Staples)
OWON SS08192-V 100MHz 1GSa/s Digital Oscilloscope
CP-P150 Solder pot with leaded so/lder bar (from Lee’s)
North Respirator with Organic Chemical Filter Cartridges (from Fibertek)
Vacuum pump + chamber (and oil, will also throw in a large mason jar that can also be used as a chamber and a bunch of mixing containers)

25x 4.2V 2A Li-ion chargers with barrel plug end (new) ($2 each)
28x 1590L Hammond boxes (and a few gaskets to go with them)

If you have any questions or want more details on the stuff feel free to post questions. If you want to make an offer, please PM me.

At some point next week, we’ll probably hold some sort of auction/garage sale to get rid of other miscellaneous stuff. We’ve got a bunch of R&D bins that are full of random parts good for prototyping. Cables/wires, prototyping boxes, cable glands, 4.2v chargers, various WS2812B LED strip scraps, PCB scraps, random electronic components, Heat shrink, Acrylic tubes, various chemicals…

I’ll likely update this list frequently as we will be going through and cleaning up shop for the next week.




Let us know what you want for the rolls of WS2812B leds as I’m sure the collective we will want to get some…


LED spools are $30 each.

I also have a lot of scrap spools that didn’t work for us. Either the coating wasn’t right, got damaged, or a few leds were defective.

There’s also large box of LED strip scraps that are cut up into 2,7,8 and 15 LED segments. I estimate there’s probably a couple thousand LEDs in this form. I also have a box of double sided LED arrays, 10 LEDs on one side and 11 on the other. There’s about 100 of these, but about 5%~10% of the LEDs are defective. The scraps and defects we’re not selling, but I would be happy to give them to an artist or someone who’s interested in building them up into something cool.

FYI the batteries and chargers have been claimed. Though i did add one more item for individual li-ion chargers.


I’ll take 3 spools of the LED strips…


Noted. Do you want to come by our office to pick them up? We’re at 1295 Frances St. inside the Yew Woodshop.


Whatever is best for you…
How late will you be there today?
Or will you be there tomorrow morning?


Aaaaand the oscilloscope is gone.

However I’ve also put up a Vacuum Pump and Chamber (plus extras)


I’ll be damned, I just bought a vacuum chamber today. Maybe @Gibbtall is interested?


Hold on is this TetraGear? I may take some spools of LED strips.


Pics of the vacuum chamber please?


since I just bought the party cat kit I would like a spool of LEDs if possible, also could be interested in the odds and ends


would also love some LED scraps


If there are any left, I would be interested in some of the LED scraps as well.

How much do you want for the vacuum pump?


EDIT: Vacuum is claimed!

So here are some pics of the vacuum pump and chamber.
It’s a 2 gallon stainless steel chamber, the valves and gauge are all in one piece on the lid so I think it would be quite easy to replace the acrylic if you want to build a larger chamber.
The pump is a single stage 4 CFM, I belive it’s this one on amazon:

I’m also throwing in the large mason jar which can also be used as a chamber with the rubber sheet I have there, as well as the bottle of mineral oil that came with the pump. The pump hasn’t changed price from $120 but the chamber with the valve and gauge was originally $150 USD apparently @___@. (I don’t know why we spent so much on that…shipping maybe?) All together I’m asking for $100.

@chadleaman @Hekseskudd I only have 2~3 spools of the good stuff left so please PM me if you want dibs.

For the rest of the LED stuff, we’ve got a variety of spools/givaways. here’s a short list:
Addressable: (keep in mind I do differentiate WS2812B and SK6812)
- Approx 1m of 5v WS2812B IP67 White PCB 5050 60LED/m

  • Approx 4m of 5V SK6812 IP66 (It looks like IP20 but Parylene coated) White PCB 5050 60LED/m
  • Approx 5m of 5V WS2812 IP65 Black PCB 5050 60LED/m (slightly yellowing) from my good supplier
  • Approx 7m of 5V WS2812 IP65 White PCB 5050 60LED/m (from Ali, QC fail on solder joints)
    - Approx 8m of 12V White (cold) 5050 60LEDs/m IP65 (yellowing).
    - Approx 10m of 24V RGB (separate channels) Double LED (side by side) 5050 60LED/m spacing IP67
    - Approx. 6m of 24V IP65 (yellowing) RGB (separate channel) 5050 60LED/m
    - 5m of 24V IP67 Red 5050 120LED/m dual row (surprisingly bright, I just tested it and it pulled 4.6A = 110W)

Since most of this is old, defective or used, we’re not really asking for anything on these. However, there’s a couple good spools of LEDs in this batch (some unused ones too) and I would be grateful if they were sold for a small donation. All proceeds go back to the Tetra Society to recoup it’s losses.

I’m also announcing we’ll be having our open-house auction/garage/liquidation sale on Thursday from 1-5pm. I’m going to just start slapping arbitrary $ amounts on some of our part bins. You can give us a couple bucks and take all the goodies inside each one (bin included). This is probably a good time to grab LED scraps, of which here is a photo of how much we have… This is all SK2812B LEDs too btw.


Just a reminder my office will be open from 1-5pm tomorrow for anyone who wants to come by and pick parts.
Our address is 1295 Frances St. inside the Yew Woodshop, just look for the Tetragear door inside to the right.
Most of the major assets have been claimed but here’s a list of what’s left:

LED stuff: we’ve got a variety of spools/givaways:
Addressable: (keep in mind I do differentiate WS2812B and SK6812)

  • 3 remaining spools of the good stuff: 5m of 5V SK6812 IP20 white PCB 5050 60LED/m strips
  • Approx 1m of 5v WS2812B IP67 White PCB 5050 60LED/m
  • Approx 4m of 5V SK6812 IP66 (It looks like IP20 but Parylene coated) White PCB 5050 60LED/m
  • Approx 5m of 5V WS2812 IP65 Black PCB 5050 60LED/m (slightly yellowing) from my good supplier
  • Approx 7m of 5V WS2812 IP65 White PCB 5050 60LED/m (from Ali, QC fail on solder joints)
  • A bin of IP65 SK6812 White PCB 5050 60/LED/m strip scraps, at least several thousand LEDs, cut into 2, 7, and 15 LED segments.

    Other stuff:
  • 25x 4.2V 2A Li-ion chargers with barrel plug end (new)
    - Lots of small prototyping boxes, plastic and metal, mostly new/unused
  • 31x Hammond 1590L aluminum prototyping boxes
    - A large black Ikea Galant desk
  • A 14’ telescoping folding ladder (can be an 7’ A frame or unfold to a 14’ maximum reach)
  • A few lengths of assorted stock aluminum bar (flat and L)
  • A few lengths of assorted acrylic tube and rod
  • A few lengths of assorted large heatshrink
  • A box of 3 conductor 22AWG cable assemblies (heavy duty, waterproof locking connectors), 2 way splitters and single ended cables
  • A variety of cable glands
  • Spools of assorted wire/cable
  • A (~2L?) Brita Filtration Water Pitcher


Hey guys,

This is the last chance to grab stuff. I will be at the office until 5pm today and 11-4pm tomorrow (Saturday). Sunday is up in the air but a possibility.

Here’s a bunch of photos of our old R&D materials and leftovers. Pretty much everything in the bins is free if you want to grab it. We’re only trying to recoup some value from the LED scraps, chargers, Hammond boxes, and that full bag of cable glands. The furniture is best offer (stuff on the tables is not for sale).

Link to photos

The defective units can be used/reprogrammed as powered Attiny84s with 2-4 outputs. A bunch of them are closed and can be salvaged for the LG F1L 18650 inside of them.


any 5v power supplies 2A or more?


@Gonazar has donated some leftovers from the liquidation to the VHS… There are 3 boxes of various parts/cases/leds/cables currently on the craft table. I will leave them there for picking through till Tuesday night (as there is not any room in the 3 week bins).


Anything left? Didn’t get back to town until 7 Thursday. Interested in led strings mostly. Are you around tomorrow?