Lil' Woodyshop Tidy

The other day I found the wood shop of bit of a mess, and no bag in the garbage. I successfully found the bags and transferred garbage into a fresh one! As a newbie who knows where few things go, I did my best to put clamps and saws away and dusted off the side table. I had limited time but next time I’ll take photos and shock all of you with my OCD level of cleanmenship!


Awesomeness. Thanks for pitching in !!!

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Thanks! the woodshop always seems like it’s never clean enough. Its due for a deep clean pretty soon i think (ahem… week of culture crawl)…


You’ve got a set of hands in me - Guessing/hoping an indirect benefit of helping with a deep clean would be better knowing exactly what is where… Will try and monitor here/slack, but feel free to dm if I don’t respond to a mass call out.

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