License plate camera

I’m thinking of putting a camera behind the license plates. Partly to keep the dirt off and mostly cause it’s look cool.
Would that be a stepper motor job or a something else?
I’m thinking lifting then up 45 degrees

Any updates on your project?

Not so far.
Only theory so far.
I was thinking a hinge up top and a linear actuator to push it open. But there’s not a whole lot of room behind.
Or else a servo/stepper motor and a push rod like on an RC plane.

How about hinging at the top and using a simple solenoid to push it open, and let gravity close it?

You could put some magnets or latches at the bottom to stop it from rattling around when closed.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking.
I’m not too familiar with the electronics…

That, or, a motor centred to anchor the plate, and so rotating tomrrveal the camera to one side

A solenoid would be really simple electronically because it just requires on/off control. It would probably be the fastest action as well.

The amount of travel could be determined by an actuator arm or cam of some sort.

A solenoid it is so