LED Wall Raspberry Pi update


I’m trying to get the LED wall into a state where anyone can easily hack on it to make animations, play with oldschool graphics routines like a classic demoscene thing.

The Big wall of LEDs is reconnected to the Raspberry Pi. the SD card on the Pi was dead so I took a Pi from the vending machine and used that one. The only HDMI monitor I could make work in the space was the overhead projector. We don’t appear to have any HDMI to DVI cables, or HDMI monitors. The TV would not talk to the Pi.

I used Putty Terminal on the kitchen PC to SSH into the Pi. Please do not change the default login/pass or I’ll have to reflash the SD card. Currently it is DHCP on or about You can nmap 172.16.6.* to find the device that says it is from the raspberry pi foundation, should it grab a different address.

InoTools have been installed so that you can use the command line to upload sketches. I have not proved inotools can talk to the Teensy yet. I used to have it on the SD card, but see previous paragraph. If you figure it out, please document it here! I did find:


I have already grabbed https://github.com/i-make-robots/LEDWall/ to ~/. it needs to be run on the “vhs-wall” branch, and then the samples and such should work.

If you add to this project, please post it to this thread.

Thanks and have fun!


The Pi is connected to a Teensy 3.2. From the pi home directory I can upload a hex file like so:

cd ~/teensy_loader_cli/
./teensy_loader_cli -mmcu=mk20dx256 -w -v blink_slow_Teensy32.hex

I have also installed PlatformIO, which claims to make CLI programming of 250 different boards easy.

sudo python -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/platformio/platformio/develop/scripts/get-platformio.py)"

see also:

the first platformio examples were for teensy (yes!)

platformio init --board teensy31
cp ~/LEDWall/Teensy/basicTest/basicTest.ino ~/src
platformio run -t upload

note the first init, run, and upload are long waits while the ecosystem downloads all the right drivers and libraries and sings a song and paints a happy picture with happy trees and !@#*($!AAUAAAGH anways…

src should be wiped clean between projects or it might get confused which script you want to upload.

FWIW, I left https://github.com/i-make-robots/LEDWall/blob/master/Teensy/simpleShapes/simpleShapes.ino installed on the wall.

Inotools and teensy_loader_cli has been removed.

NMAP is no longer needed. I found that the wall appears on the network as raspberrypi.vanhack.ca.

Some demos I’d like to see:

  • THE MATRIX green lines
  • winter fireplace + log
  • SHHH displaying hashtagged tweets
  • 3d animations


As I understand it, the CentOS machine at the end of the table is meant to be for programming the LED wall. Since it is now redundant AND takes up work table space AND I can’t see a point in it being there…

… give me a good reason or I will put the monitor with the other monitors and the box with the PCs at D1.



I originally setup the CentOS machine as a general use workstation
But if it isn’t being used as such… then make room. Maybe use the monitor as a Raspberry Pi workstation/setup area?