Lazering crosses


Hello everybody:

Can I please arrange with someone with key-holder status for one night to lazer cut two neck crosses I have designed?
The new one is this one:

And the older one is this one:

These crosses are to be much smaller than in the pictures above, closer to 3.5"x4.5" size. I still have those western yew wood slices to cut these crosses out of and, I want to make it something special.

I am willing to pay the $30 monthly membership fee for one evening to the keyholder, or to put it in drop box. I will have to come down from Whistler to do this.

If anyone can arrange to open up the space and direct on lazer use, I have not used it for over two years, I will much appreciate it.

I am out of town and cannot afford to support VHS by paying monthly membership each month.

Thank You and wish you all best,



When are you wanting to get this done?


Hi: sorry for late reply, I was busy working. I am sorry, I really do not know. Maybe I can try reaching out to space, if someone is there at a time. Are you key holder? And do you think, you could do this with me? Thank You for replying.