Lawn outside VHS - does it need cutting?

How is the grass beside VHS? Does it need a cut?
I can bring down my lawn mower and weed-whacker.

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Be cautious, I did see small metal scraps in the grass and there is the big metal frame for the monolith.

Last year, if I remember correctly, someone brought up “no mow may” and suggested we leave it unmowed until some time in june. Unless there’s a reason to do differently this year, that sounds like a good plan to me.

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No mow may aside, it is looking like it could use a trim.

Unfortunately Being a ‘good’ tenant means shovelling the snow and mowing the grass.

Leaving the sidewalk un shoveled harms people walking by.

Leaving the lawn unmowed for another ~three weeks provides some food for local pollinators, and does not harm anyone - not even our landlord’s property value.

But whatever. Do-ocracy wins here. It needs to be done… now or next month, it’s up to the do-er.


Can someone post a picture of the lawn, thanks
Last year when @Majicj and I cut it, it was really long and took multiple passes. A lot of work.

The dandelions are done, and it needs a cut. I will come down next weekend and do it (May 18th or 19th)
Thanks for the pic @Majicj