Laundry Rack is Complete

After over 20 months of on-and-off work, she is ready.
Some of you may have seen me doing some final touches on this briefly at the shop.

Custom designed laundry drying rack from Sapele and Walnut.
Dovetails done (rather poorly) with a router sled setup shown in photos.
Cove router detail done around all edges.

Stainless steel tubes are the left-overs from a past simpler laundry rack project, and are what inspired this project (so they wouldn’t go to waste).
Sanding to 220grit (including every millimeter of cove detail) and applying a tung oil and Osmo Polyx-Oil finish succeeds in bringing out the hiding French ticklish cat (chatoyance).

There are 2 general flaws that may not be visible in the photos.
Glad to be complete.


Does not compute, requires banana for scale. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, looks classy! Nice work.


Fantastic! Where did you do the Tung oil? I’ve been trying to figure out how to finish some upcoming pieces, but the ban on oil finishes in the space is giving me some pause.


Hi Nico,
I have taken all of my things home for finishing because of this.
I also like to give tung oil up to a full week to cure before putting anything overtop (especially if the second finish will be polyurethane), which would make it take everyone’s space in the finishing booth, even if there were no ban.

Love the organic Art Nouveau lines. French curves over CAD.

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Thanks Michael!
(And no CAD was used, it was all pencil, eraser, blood, sweat, and tears :grin: )