Lathe E stop broken


Hi all,
The E-Stop on the lathe broke on me tonight, got stuck in the off position.

Because it’s a no-name Chinese part and it was hot-glued in it broke into little pieces when I attempted to remove it:

I think I’ve got some Eaton or Allen-Bradley E-stop samples at work, if not I’ll grab one from Guillevin automation tomorrow. I’ll have it repaired by the end of the week.

For now the lathe is back in it’s factory configuration, with only the fwd-rev switch as a control:


Thank you @AWiecke!


Looks like neither we nor Guillevin have E-stops in enclosures like the one that broke. I’ve ordered one from Automation direct, should be here next week:


The shipping can be a killer :frowning:

Would you like a contribution towards this?


For sure, anyone who wants to kick in is free to PM or reply. After currency conversion the E-stop was $65 shipped.


$11 at Princess Auto


Yes, I know they exist, there are also plenty of cheap ones on amazon. I’m more than happy to pay for a decent quality switch that won’t break unexpectedly like the previous one did.


I should have read the previous messages more carefully before posting as I didn’t realize you had already ordered one. My bad. And yes, you are very correct, a decent quality switch is a better investment than a cheap one what would likely break in short order. If it were my machine I would definitely gone for a higher quality switch. I’ll crawl back under my rock now…


No worries, I’m glad we can agree that machine uptime is nice :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the initiative to fix this.

As a future ask any issues should reported to Slack machineshop channel right away.

There are lots of users that may already have a required part.



What’s your email, for Interac?


Hi All,
The E-stop arrived last Friday. My work is sending me to a mine in the interior for a few days this week so I may not get to installing it until this weekend.

Just a reminder that the Lathe does still work, just that the E-stop has been removed and only the fwd/rev switch remains. When I removed the old E-stop I returned the wiring to the factory configuration.


Where are we at with the eStop replacement?



Thanks for reminding me, I just put it in.

The enclosure one from AD ended up being too large to fit inside the gearbox. I ended up ordering a CSA/TÜV SÜD rated E-stop from RP electronics and using insulated ferrules instead of an enclosure.


Nice! Thank you very much for taking care of this!


It’s the cleanest part of the machine! So shiny!


Thank you!


Very nice, thank you!!!