Lathe Donation


A fellow contacted me through the Woodturner’s Guild with a Jet Mini Lathe that he would like to see find a new home where it will help people out. I initially offered it to the Tetra Woodshop, an accessible woodshop for the physically disabled, but they already have 3 lathes and lack the space. Is this something that VHS would like to add to their woodshop? If so, someone will have to pick it up from me either at my home in Richmond or at my workplace near Clarke and Venables. I also think it would be appropriate if someone on the VHS board would send the fellow a thank-you card.


Hey Steve.

That is incredible! I can pick it up from your workplace tomorrow and get it inducted into VHS if that works out for you. This will be great, I’d love to expand our abilities with the class!

Let me know what time works well for you and I’ll swing by. On top of that, if you’ve got the address for the person, I’ll get together a special thank-you for the person who was so lovely to donate it. That is a real gem of a lathe!



This is a really generous donation, Steve!

I feel confident that it’ll be put to good use at VHS, please be sure to thank the person who donated it.

I’ve PM’d contact info if picking it up this evening works!


Amazing thanks as always @stevemoplis - we really appreciate this donation and your support (from all the Nokia tables to tablesaw training to now this lathe). I see @mikepkes has a thank you in hand for your donor. Please also let us know if we can ever do anything for yourself or Tradeworks.


@mike, @Andrew_Hendriks volunteered to come by and pick the lathe up from my home this evening. I’ll send you the donor’s name and mailing address via PM. Did I mention that there was a box of wood that comes with it?


Mission accomplished!

Thanks again Steve!


That’s awesome, thanks Steve!


Thank you @Stevemopolis and @Andrew_Hendriks!


Wow amazing job all!!! I cant wait to see what new cylindrical device’s we can all come up with! Lol


Wow that’s amazing, thank you!