Latest wood creation

Latest creation. 10" diameter figured maple platter. Rim was burned until crackly with a MAPP torch then brushed until clean. Bowl was airbrushed with transparent acrylics. Bottom finished with wipe on poly.


Here are my latest turnings. These were both turned from a single construction grade 2x4 that was milled and glued up into two turning blanks each 12 inches in diameter and about 1.25 inches thick. This was my entry into this month’s Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild 2x4 Challenge.

The black one was decorated using the “cosmic cloud” effect using acrylic interference paints dabbed onto the surface and blown around with an empty airbrush.


the coloring on the first plate looks really pretty, I would love to see your process in getting that look.

Here is a link to the YouTube video where I first saw it. It has been done quite a bit in the woodturning community over the years since Gary posted that video but it was my first attempt. I was a bit more conservative in my approach but plan to experiment more.

Most people who have described the process recommend Jo Sonja interference paints but they are really hard to source in Canada so I used Golden Fluid Acrylics Interference paints that I bought at Opus. Both manufacturers only seem to have the same 3 colours - Violet, Blue and Blue/Green. I made my own yellow interference paint my mixing Interference Yellow mica powder with some airbrush medium to a suitable consistency and experimented on a flat board I’d painted black until I got the effect I liked. The key to making this effect work is to have a very dark background as the paints are quite transparent.


I forgot to mention that the interference paint, regardless of colour, all looks white in the bottle or when you put some on a pallet. You can’t see the actual colour until it’s painted onto a dark background. It’s pretty weird.

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Very interesting. Man We need to use the wood lathe at the space a bit more. There seems to be so much potential.