Laser Training Sept 21 st 5:30 pm

Laser Training is coming up Sept 21st at 5:30 pm.

This training is required to be able to use the laser cutter. We will go through safety, setup, and all the thing you should know to get you started on your laser cutting journey.

Due to covid, this event is limited to 3 student. Don’t worry if you miss this one, we will run more training in the future.

You can reserve a spot by replying to this post.

The cost of training is $40 which will go towards keeping the laser functional.

You can pay in cash. or Etransfer me

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I’d like to join this training! Update: I can no longer do this training due to a shift in my schedule -_- I’ll have to join in on the next one instead!

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I would also like to join this training!

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Date? :slight_smile:

I just signed up at VHS and missed this by 2 days.
Is there a Laser training coming up soon? I’d like to get the training asap to be able to use it.

No worries, laser training is being ran once every 2 to 3 weeks. keep an eye out.

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Sounds great.
Is there anyway I can get access to laser cutting with the help of someone else to get a small project done until I get my training?

Hi Atron,

I can help you out if you would like but it would likely be next Thursday before I could help you. Next Thursday is a holiday and I have the day off so I could meet you anytime there. Alternatively you could also send me the dxf or ai files and I’m happy to work on this for you. Do you have wood already purchased?

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Thank you, it sounds great Brian.
I’m good anytime as well. Since it’s your day off, go ahead and choose anytime that’s best for you.
I still haven’t bought any wood because I’m still not sure which are allowed to be used on the laser cutter.
Where can I send you the files?