Laser Training - October 3, 2017 [FULL]


Hey All,

I’m going to be running laser training on October 3, 2017 at 6:30pm. This will qualify you to run the laser cutter (yay, lasers). It is open to all members.

I have 4 spaces available.

Price: $30

To sign up, just reply below.

Laser training Request - September/October 2017
Anyone want laser cutter training?

Hi Logan,
Can I join in for a refresher (don’t need to occupy the above 4 hands-on spots)?


I would like to attend thank you Logan.


@msearracanada I’ll put both you and your brother down. Looking forward to running training!

@Rebel_without_Clause Lets setup a time for refresher at a different time, it is comparatively quick. I’m usually free after work, and will be around a lot in the first two weeks of Oct. If anyone else wants a refresher, find me on slack.


Yes, please… I’d definitely like to be on the Laser Training.


Thank you Logan! Will ping you on Slack.


Hi Logan, I have already taking the laser cutter training at MakerLabs. Do I will have to take this workshop to use the laser cutter at VHS?



VHS has a different laser cutter and work flow so yes.


I’d like to sign up for the laser cutter training please!
(I’ll also be signing up for membership that night)

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